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Interventional Pain & Regenerative Medicine

Specializing in minimally invasive interventions for the treatment of spine and musculoskeletal disorders

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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy at the Denton Natatorium- 2400 Long Road Denton, TX 76207-940.349.8800

The Natatorium offers Water Therapy through Denton Sports and Physical Therapy. This low-impact alternative is suitable for all ages. Call 940.566.5714 for more information.

Water Aerobics

Deep Challenge

A non-impact vigorous deep-water aerobics. All levels welcome. Class includes interval and circuit training, strength/resistance training, and stretching. Deep water-floatation devices and resistance equipment are provided. M-F 5:30-6:30am M-F 5:30-6:30pm

Shallow Water Workout

A low impact cross training class that combines kick-boxing, water walking, yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, range-of-motion, and flexibility. All levels are welcome. Water shoes are highly recommended. M-Th 7-7:55pm

Senior Water Exercise

Water exercise and strength training classes are not limited to seniors. Classes are designed for those who need to workout at a slightly slower pace compared to our other classes. Water exercise is conducted in warm water (88 degrees) in our Leisure Pool.

Strength Training M/W/F 9-9:55am

Water Exercise M/W/F 10:15-11:15am