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Medication Management

Medication Management: Our Approach

At Premier Pain Care, we believe that the most essential step in the successful management of pain is accurately diagnosing the source of the patient’s pain. Approximate 80% of our patients will have an accurate diagnosis of their pain problem. Although pain medications are often useful in improving the quality of life for a person who is suffering from chronic pain, medications alone are not effective in treating the underlying cause of the pain.

Our expertise resides in diagnosing and treating pain, with specific interventional techniques. In conjunction with other treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, psychological intervention and in specific cases medication management, will achieve a greater success.

Occasionally we provide short termopioid therapy while the patient is undergoing our interventional therapies. We have a t medication management policy for patients taking opioid medications. They must sign a contract in which among other conditions, they are required to use only one pharmacy and only one doctor is allowed to provide the opioid prescription. This contract will be available to the referring physicians and can be transferred to the physician continuing the medication management.

Although we are able to manage most of our patients without the need of long-term opioid-based therapy, occasionally a patient will not respond to our interventional approach. It is this type of patient, who may be a candidate for a long-term medication based pain management. We are available to provide advice to our referring providers regarding long term medication management alternatives and therapies.

Currently our practice is closed to new patients requiring long term opioid therapy.