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Cancer Pain

The management of cancer pain can be a diagnostic challenge due to the multifactorial nature of potential pain generators. The scope of this brief introduction is limited to some of the most common conditions encountered in our practice. In general, cancer pain can be associated with the primary disease process or effects from treatment. Conditions involving metastasis or primary site in the spinal canal can present with similar symptoms as other spine related conditions such as sciatica, radicular symptoms and non-specific back, neck and thoracic pain. Peripheral neuropathies are common with certain chemotherapy agents. Vertebral compression fractures are common with certain malignancies. Post surgical pain can occurred after abdominal, extremity and chest surgery.

There are multiple interventions available to effectively reduce the pain associated with cancer. Some interventions can be as simple nerve blocks, spinal infusions, medication management, vertebroplasty, epidural steroid injections, transdermal opioids, and numerous others. For more information contact our office for a comprehensive consultation.