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Sleep Hygiene

Selecting a Mattress

Mattress Type

It is no surprise that lower back pain and insomnia very often go hand in hand. Therefore, the most important point to consider when treating your pain is also the most conventional: mattress selection. Consumer sleep studies have shown that the Tempur-Pedic Sweedish Mattress is the best alternative to traditional innerspring mattresses; also providing pain reduction and overall satisfaction with a good night’s sleep.

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Firmness of Mattress

When selecting a mattress, it is always important to consider the firmness in relation to overall comfort level. You should opt for a mattress of medium-firmness, which allows differently parts of the body to sink in and conform to the mattress. Would you rather sleep on a wooden board, or a partially deflated air mattress? The answer should be neither. Firmness should be used in moderation to achieve the maximum benefits. If you want to change mattresses but don’t wish to buy a new one, a great economical option is to purchase a Tempur-Pedic or generic memory foam mattress pad to place on top of the old mattress.

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