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The Holistic Approach

The Holistic Method promotes healing and maintenance of the body in the most natural way possible, with a balanced intake of herbal tea, fruit, vegetables and vitamin supplements.


Vitamins for a Healthy Spine- Vitamin D

Vitamin D is extremely important for strong bones. Vitamin D is used by the body in the process which creates new bone cells. Vitamin B12 is important for proper nervous system function. Nerve related problems can be lessened or prevented by a healthy supply of B12. Vitamins A, C, and K are also important for a strong spine. Recommended daily allowances should be consumed in order to maintain proper nutritional requirements.

Minerals for Back Pain

Calcium and Magnesium are crucial to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is a building block of strong bones and magnesium is used in both bones and muscles. A healthy diet including these minerals should be maintained in one’s youth, in order to prevent disease in old age. No one wants to suffer from elderly back pain in their golden years.

Holistic Medicine for Back Pain Theory

Holistic doctors realize that illness is more than just a physical problem. The body is not merely a machine that can be overhauled to optimum performance regardless of mental or spiritual function. The body is an extension of the self, which includes emotional and psychological components. In order for a person to be truly healthy, the mind, body and spirit must all function well together.

Holistic Medicine for Back Pain Treatment

Holistic medicine is the opposite of symptomatic treatment. Rather than merely treating the manifestations of illness or injury, the holistic method treats all the underlying causes of the condition. Holistic medicine seeks to correct a health problem by eliminating all the factors that might cause the condition. The actual complaint will be the last problem to heal, since the underlying causes must be solved first. Traditional medicine works in the reverse order. The physical complaint is addressed first and the underlying causes might be treated as an afterthought, or not at all…

Examples of Holistic Back Pain Treatments

Some physical treatments offer a partial holistic solution for back pain. Alexander technique and some forms of chiropractic are good examples of holistic methods that address some overall health concerns. Acupuncture combined with herbology or better yet, Traditional Chinese Medicine, are treatments which go one step further. However, the modern form of these treatments still do little to address the psycho-emotional conditions responsible for many back pain conditions.

Herbal Remedies and Non-Approved FDA Sleep Aids